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Home on Hawthorn: Mt Laurel friends create decorating business from their love of design

Decorating has always been a passion for Sarah Fay and Jeannette Martin. But it didn’t become a business until the two moved to Hawthorn Street in Mt Laurel.

They became friends and began sharing their homes, families and love of design.

“Friends and family began asking us to help with their holiday and home decorating needs,” Fay said. “Over time, this evolved into a full-service business.”

Since Christmas 2021, their company — Home on Hawthorn — has stayed busy, helping people all over the area decorate for the holidays.

They provide tablescapes, home decor and styling services, but they also have provided full redesign for clients’ homes, including new furniture and light fixtures.

Their Instagram bio describes the business as “two mamas with a passion for styling and holiday decor.” Their  feed is full of dramatic before and after photos. They can assist clients with a holiday mantle or completing a surface or space in their homes that they can’t quite figure out how to finish.

The process begins with a meeting at the client’s home, where Fay and Martin discuss what they are wanting to change, suggest items to add, furniture placement, color ideas and accessory options to style.

A typical client meeting may cover anything from fabrics to layout or accessory options and  preferences, and the two will also cover timelines and budgets.

“Balance is key in styling your home and making it feel complete,” Martin said. “For holiday decorating, we tailor our decorating according to your needs. Whether you want your entire house decorated or just a tabletop, stairwell or tree, we can tackle it for you.”

She said helping a client achieve a look that’s right for them is where she and Fay thrive. They both find it very fulfilling to see a space get new life.

“We love the creative process the most,

and we are in our element when we are coming up with ideas based on our clients’ needs,” Martin said.

Martin and Fay both say Home on Hawthorn can be a go-to business for holiday decor, whether it’s a quick spruce-up or a complete makeover. This Christmas, a number of tables, mantles and homes all over the area will have a new festive, designer look thanks to their expertise.

They say they love big and small projects and everything in between.

And they don’t just style for Christmas, Fay said — they’ve got a lot of experience with fall festivals, Easter tablescapes and a range of other holidays and party themes, and they enjoy the challenge of new projects.

“Keep us in mind for events and holidays throughout the year,” she said. “If you are hosting a holiday or throwing a party any time of the year, we are here to help.”

To find out more about Home on Hawthorn, follow their Instagram at @homeonhawthorn or email Homeon [email protected].


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