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9 stores we wish would make a Canadian comeback (PHOTOS)

With Zellers announcing it is returning to the Canadian marketplace, there are a ton of stores we want to see make a comeback!

Along with the debut of a new e-commerce website, Hudson’s Bay Co. (HBC) will expand the discount retailer’s brick-and-mortar presence within Hudson’s Bay department stores, the company announced in a news release

So, what other stores should come back?

A&B Sound

Before the days of Best Buy and Future Shop, A&B Sound was the go-to place for the sweetest electronics and those massive stereos we begged our parents for. A&B Sound officially closed all of its Canadian locations in 2008.



Abandoned Retail/Pinterest

When your parents dragged you shopping for back-to-school outfits, Eaton’s was the place to go. The department store was located in almost every major mall across the country before declaring bankruptcy and going out of business in 1999.

Rogers Video

rogers video

Rogers Video/Yelp.ca

Fridays were not complete without a trip to Rogers Video to stock up on some must-see flicks for the weekend. From those Mary Kate and Ashley faves to Clueless, we were guaranteed a great weekend if we stopped by Rogers Video.


saan stores


The discount chain could be found right across the country and at its peak had more than 350 stores across Canada. Ever wondered why it had the name SAAN? It was short for “Surplus Army, Air Force, Navy.”

Radio Shack

radio shack


This was pretty much a childhood staple for many of us. It had all the coolest tech — from phones to alarm clocks. The chain goes back over 40 years in Canada, initially as Radio Shack and later as The Source by Circuit City.

La Senza Girl

La Senza Girl was loved by teens and tweens, but the company did receive a lot of criticism over the years for what some considered less-than-appropriate clothing items for younger folks. It ended up closing up shop around 2010.

Music World

music world


When we NEEDED the latest album from 98 Degrees or The Spice Girls, we headed to Music World. But as more of us turned to streaming, stores across the country were closed around 2007.

San Francisco

san francisco


When you just had to have that super cool inflatable couch to impress all your friends. It wasn’t comfy, but it definitely upped your street cred on those weekend sleepovers.


So, this is more of an eastern Canada thing. Sorry, west coasters. This was definitely a must for deals — we could always find major discounts on basic apparel and general merchandise.

What other stores do you want to see make a comeback? Let us know in the comments.


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