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7 Affordable Products That I Only Buy At IKEA Canada That Are Totally Worth The Trek

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When shopping for your home, it can be very easy to spend way too much money.

Enter IKEA. The Swedish retailer is known to provide affordable options and once I started shopping there, I realized there are some products that are absolute game-changers.

From small household accessories to, well, food items, there are a bunch of products that I now only buy at IKEA Canada and they save me a whole lot of money in the process.

So, here is a definitive list of the things that you shouldn’t bother buying anywhere else.

Coat hangers

This is something that you always need more of, especially as you pack some clothes away for the winter or summer.

So, every few trips I make to IKEA, I’m always sure to grab a few of their black plastic hangers.

They’re of good quality, will last longer than any wire hangers you get elsewhere and won’t be as expensive as wooden ones.

Plus, with each pack, you get ten for only a few bucks.


One thing they don’t tell you growing up is that rugs are incredibly expensive. They can actually cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So, until I really start making the big bucks, I will be getting all my rugs from IKEA.

It’s not that much of a compromise either. IKEA has some great rugs with all types of designs and textures. The one I have in my apartment gets compliments whenever people come over and they’re always surprised when I say it’s from IKEA.

Shelving units

These are things everyone needs in their home, especially if you’re short on space.

And, if there’s another thing they don’t tell you growing up, it’s how expensive basic furniture pieces can get.

That’s why I really appreciate IKEA’s KALLAX.

No matter what colour you get, this shelving unit has a good, clean and minimalist look.

It can also be used for a whole lot more than just for books and things. It can be a whole accent wall in your house fitted with flowers, mirrors or any other decor.

It’s just a great blank canvas and really does not go for that high of a price.


For anyone looking on a good deal on cookware, IKEA has tons of great options.

My house has a few stainless steel pots from IKEA and you would never guess that’s where they’re from. They blend in with everything nicely and are both sturdy and good at conducting heat.

If I had known this when I was first getting my kitchen in order, I would have splurged on more IKEA cookware items.

Picture frames

Another item that no one told me is actually super pricey!

Getting a brand new picture frame, or even having one made, can get super expensive. Like hundreds-of-dollars expensive.

So I always check out what frames IKEA has when I want to hang something up on my wall.

They have everything from classy black frames to more elegant wood patterned ones, all for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a framing shop.


Another stalwart of the IKEA furniture world – and with good reason!

The MALM dresser, while a complete pain to build, does the job like nothing else for the same price point.

Few things you can buy for under $300 are as versatile as the MALM. It’s a great dresser that you can get in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, depending on your wants and needs.

Plus, if you treat it well, it can last you years!


Okay! This is a bit of a copout but I swear it’s the truth.

Nothing hits as good as those Swedish meatballs from the IKEA cafeteria. There is really no other place that I’d want to experience those scrumptious morsels other than from my favourite Swedish furniture company.

Have those along with some gravy and some lingonberry sauce? Oh, baby! You’re in heaven.

Also, if you’re a big IKEA Canada shopper like me, its worth keeping an eye out on products it has recalled.

Items such as an espresso maker and window blinds can be brought to your nearest IKEA store for repair or a full refund.

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